Measure Stress

Excessive stress is inherent in modern life and leads to long term health issues. While stress can be both positive and negative, continuous stress has an impact on the vital areas of diet, sleep and exercise. We measure ongoing stress levels, correlate this with other vital data and give you insights to your health and well being risks

Heart Rate Variability

It's one of the most important measures of health, but it's rarely talked about. Heart rate variability is the variation in the time between each heart beat. This is different than your heart rate, which is measured by the number of times your heart beats per minute. And unlike your heart rate, which you can calculate by counting your pulse, heart rate variability is measured by analyzing the heart beat signals.


Evidence based practices like yogic style breathing have been used for years, recent research sheds a light on why and how this works. Each individual has their own specific rhythm, using our biofeedback tool enables you to find your optimal practice. Daily practice helps improve Heart Rate Variability and when matched to other data can help lower stress and your risk of chronic diseases

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